Is there a way to get TradingView Pro for free? (2024)

Is there a way to get TradingView Pro for free?

— You can access premium features on TradingView for free by using methods such as installing a Chrome extension or utilizing alternative platforms like "Ball Charting."

How to get TradingView Pro for free?

Email us. Email us at and claim your free TradingView Pro account, quoting FREETRADINGVIEWPRO in the subject line. Please make sure you also include your TradingView username and your FXCM account number in the email.

Can you use TradingView without paying?

TradingView is a widely used online platform that provides advanced tools and superb charting for traders and investors. If you're just getting acquainted with TradingView and wondering if it has a free option, the good news is that yes, there is a free plan, called Basic.

Is TradingView Pro subscription worth it?

For active traders, TradingView premium can certainly be worth it. The key premium features like advanced alerts, more indicators, backtesting, enhanced analytics, and screeners give you an information edge in analyzing the markets and executing trades.

How much does TradingView Pro cost?

TradingView Pro Plan

The Pro plan is TradingView's starter paid subscription that removes limitations and ads from the free plan. Pro is priced at $14.95 per month when paying monthly or $155.40 per year.

Is TradingView free for students?

Want to use TradingView to power your research or studies? Ask your institution to sign up to our Educational Partner Program and get a plan for free.

Is TradingView free with Oanda?

How much does it cost? Integration is completely free ‌for OANDA clients, only standard fees and commission apply. You can also purchase one of TradingView's premium plans for advanced traders.

How to buy TradingView cheap?

The best way to save on TradingView long term is to pay annually rather than month-to-month. Annual plans provide a discount of 15% to 20% compared to paying monthly.

What is the difference between TradingView Pro and Pro+?

My Opinion: TradingView Pro vs Pro+

TradingView Pro+ is the best plan for most traders. With Pro+, you can use TradingView across multiple devices, save more chart layouts, use more indicators per chart, increase the number of alerts you can set, and more. For my own trading, I use the following indicators: Volume.

Do you actually trade on TradingView?

Yes, you can use TradingView to create trading strategies and execute trades through the platform. It has a built-in trading terminal, where you can place market orders or use stop loss and take profit orders.

What is better than TradingView?

Other important factors to consider when researching alternatives to TradingView include price and features. We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to TradingView, including eToro, MetaTrader 5, Binance Broker, and E*Trade Web Platform.

Is TradingView better than thinkorswim?

TradingView is better for crypto trading. It has specific tools for crypto like Renko charts, crypto screener, and charting for thousands of crypto pairs. Thinkorswim mainly focuses on stocks, options and futures.

What is the difference between TradingView Plus and premium?

Plus: Intraday technical analysis for day traders looking to take things to the next level. Premium: Highest precision and maximum data to capture all possible opportunities.

Can multiple people use one TradingView account?

Kindly note that it is not possible to transfer a subscription and user data from one account to another. Also, note that multiple accounts are not allowed on TradingView.

Can TradingView make you money?

Earn with TradingView

Become an affiliate partner and make cash by promoting a product your followers will love. The biggest website in the world when it comes to all things investing. We are global and support 20 languages worldwide. We've paid out over $10 million to our partners and that's growing.

How far back does TradingView go?

for Expert plans - from now to 270 days back multiplied by timeframe(in minutes) for Elite plans - from now to 360 days back multiplied by timeframe(in minutes) for Ultimate plans - from now to 450 days back multiplied by timeframe(in minutes)

How many devices can you have on TradingView Pro Plus?

Pro+ bumps up the pricing and adds faster customer service and more alerts and allows you to use up to four chart layouts, connect on two devices at the same time and save up to 10 chart layouts.

Can I pay for TradingView monthly?

You can change your billing period from annual to monthly on the pricing page. Basically, all the necessary info is already there. If you decide to stay on the same level you're currently on, your monthly subscription will start only after the annual plan ends.

Which brokers offer free TradingView?

Intro and winners
  • Interactive Brokers - best broker for TradingView in 2024. ...
  • Ally Invest - Low trading and non-trading fees. ...
  • Oanda - Great trading platforms. ...
  • Webull - Free stock/ETF trading and high 5% interest on uninvested cash. ...
  • - Low forex fees. ...
  • Optimus Futures - Low trading fees and free ACH withdrawal.

What broker should I use for TradingView?

Saxo Bank is our pick for the best forex broker in 2024 that supports integration with TradingView.

Which broker gives TradingView?

02Can you connect any broker to TradingView? No, only one broker in India allows you to connect to TradingView, which is Dhan. For the first time in India, traders and investors can place orders directly from by connecting their Dhan account to the Trading Panel.

What is the $1 deal on TradingView?

During the free trial, TradingView charges $1 to validate the user's payment information. The $1 charge is a common practice used by many companies offering free trials to ensure that the user's payment information is valid and to prevent abuse of the free trial system.

Where is TradingView cheapest?

TradingView price in India starts at ₹ 1295/month/license. TradingView comes with multiple pricing plans and caters to a diverse customer base.

How do I hide prices on TradingView?

You can hide the values of individual indicators in the legend and on the price scale, as follows: Open the “Style” tab in the indicator settings. Disable the options “Labels on the price scale” and “Values in the status line”.

Is stock charts better than TradingView?

Which is better StockCharts or TradingView? Based on features, pricing, market coverage and data quality, TradingView is considered the better platform overall, especially for active traders that require real-time data, charts and trading tools for global markets.

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